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back in the 509.
summer love. View high resolution

back in the 509.

summer love.


i’m moving to malawi in 12 days. whoa. so i’m sad to saw i won’t be making jewelry as much for the next 9 months while i’m away so i won’t be here that often. thanks for all the support you’ve given me. if you are interested in following my malawi journey you can find me at aliciaelizabeth.blogspot.com

i’ll be working as a hiv/aids technical advisor with the malawi gov’t as a peace corps response volunteer.

wish me luck.



I just accepted a position in Malawi, Africa and will be leaving in 3 weeks so that means the shop will be closed for 9 months, BUT in celebration enter code MALAWI and get 15% OFF your entire purchase!!

The time is running out!! 



it’s cold and rain here today on this halloween eve. and being that my favorite part of fall is soup (other than squash, gourds, and root veggies!) i decided to made a homemade organic locally grown wonder! yum!!

Speedy (almost Vegan) Potato Soup

*4 carrots (or so)

*4 potatoes (or so)

*1 onion

cover with water and boil until soft (20 mins)


in another sauce pan melt:

*1 square of butter (ekk saturated fat! I’m going to try a plant based fat next time..)

*1/2 cup flour (being the first time I made this I did half whole and half white. you need some of those whole grain goodness to soak up all the sat fat!)

mix together over a low heat until smooth, then add

*1 1/2 c water to mix

bring to boil (stirring constantly - this will burn and stick to pan!!)

then mix into soup, add pepper and spices al gusto.

wowza this is the first non-cream potato soup i’ve made and it’s GOOD and oh so quick. 


stay warm.


I love fall time. it’s so refreshing to have a chance to reorganize myself, reassess my truths, and de clutter my mind.

love to you all.

happy halloween. 


check out my sister’s wonderful blog about her organic journey of gardening on orcas island!! 


it’s so gray and gloomy today in the pnw. this door is JUST what i need!


my etsy is ON SALE. whoa. i’m transiting into fall and ready to start anew!

enjoy this limited time SALE of all my spring and summer loves.



i can’t wait to visit you again, southwest.

.southwest bound.

heading down south for some southwest explorations be prepared for cactus and Mexican food pictures to follow…

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